Credit List

Award Winners and Nominees

Get Well Soon Hospital 2016
Kindle Entertainment / CBBC
Producer Anne Brogan.
BAFTA Winner Best Interactive

Messiah at the Foundling Hospital
Reef TV/ BBC2
Prod/Dir: Rob Coldstream
Nominee International Emmy 2015
BAFTA winner Best Sound Factual
RTS Nominee Best Arts programming 2015

Get Well Soon (Series) 2012
Kindle Entertainment / CBBC
Producer David Collier.
RTS Nominee Best Music 2013

The Queen’s Mother in Law
Blink Films / Ch42012
Producer/Director Robert Coldstream.
RTS Nominee Best Music 2013

Elizabeth Taylor: The Auction
Silver River Films
Director Michael Waldman
RTS Nominee Best Music 2012

The Queen in 3D
Renegade Films /Ch4
Dir: Robert Coldstream
RTS Winner Best Music 2010

Just So Darwin
Glasshead Productions/ BBC
Dir: Neil Ben
BAFTA Nominee – Learning Primary 2009

The Blue Tower – (Feature Film)
Monkey in Heaven Films
Dir: Smita Bhide
Winner Best UK Feature Film Raindance 2008

The Rise and Fall of Tony Blair
Brook Lapping / Ch4
Dir: Robert Coldstream
RTS Nominee Best Music 2008

Terry Jones Barbarians
Oxford Film and TV
RTS Best Music 2007
Series Prod: David McNab
RTS Winner Best Music 2007

Timelines Empire
Lodestar / BBC
Dir: Andrew Chater
BAFTA Best Secondary Factual 2006

My Parents Are Aliens

ITV / Granada Kids
RTS Best Children’s Programme 2001, 2002, 2006
BAFTA Nominee 2001, 2003, 2004
Series Prod: Anne Brogan / Conal Orton

Edwardian Britain: A History in Photographs
Dir: Andrew Chater
BAFTA Best Educational Programme 2002

History File: The Cold War
Dir: Andrew Chater
RTS Best Secondary Humanities 2000

History File: Nazi Germany ‘The Master Race’
Dir: Andrew Chater
BAFTA Best Educational Programme 1998

Shakespeare Shorts – ‘Romeo and Juliet’
BAFTA Best Secondary Drama 1997
BAFTA Best Children’s Programme 1997
RTS Best Secondary Humanities 1997
Series Prod: Anne Brogan

Seven Journeys Through the American West
BBC / Lodestar
Dir: Andrew Chater
BAFTA Best Secondary Factual 2004


Additional credits

Harold Shipman:Doctor Death
Wild Pictures / ITV1 2017
Prod/Dir Jonathan Jones

Spying on the Royals
Brave New Media/ Ch4 2016
Prod Paul Elston

The Worlds Greatest Spy Movies
Oxford Film and TV/ Ch4 2016
Prod Paul Tilzey

How to be Queen: 63 Years and Counting
Doubleband / Ch4 2015
Prod Michael Hewitt

A&E in the War Zone
Oxford Film & TV / Ch4 2015
Prod Jeremy Llewellyn Jones

Prison Night
Double Act / Ch4 2015
Prod/Dir Rob Davies

Britains Oldest Crooks
Wild Pictures/ITV 2015
Prod/Dir Richard Wylie

The Zoo Goes Wild
Wild Pictures/ ITV 2015
Prod/Dir Alicia Kerr

Philip: The Plot to make a King
Blakeway/ Ch4 2015
Prod/Dir Richard Sanders

Chamber of the Lost Apemen
Quickfire Media/ Ch4 2015
Prod Mark Fielder

Wild Pictures / ITV 2015
Prod/Dir Jonathan Jones

Hit and Run
Wild Pictures / ITV 2015
Prod/Dir Jonathan Jones

Dead Famous DNA
Double Act / Ch4 2014
Prod/Dir Rob Davies

Billion Dollar Chicken Shop
Wild Pictures/ BBC1 2015
Prod/Dir Stephen Finnegan

Britons Behind Bars
Wild Pictures / ITV 2014
Prod/Dir Duncan Staff

Call Security
Wild Pictures / ITV 2014
Prod/Dir Richard Wylie

Dangerous Dogs
Wild Pictures/ ITV 2014
Producer Jon Alwen

Game of Stones
Doubleact Productions / Discovery 2014
Producer Alastair Cook

Oxford Film and Television / Ch4 2013
Director/ Producer Rob Coldstream

Postman Pat SDS  Series 2
Classic Media / CBBC 2013
Producer Annika Bluhm

Minibeast Adventure
Kindle Entertainment / CBBC 2013
Producer Clare Bradley

The Zoo Series 3 & 4
Wild Pictures / ITV 2013 / 2015
Producer Alicia Kerr

Brady & Hindley: Possession
Wild Pictures / ITV 2013
Producer Jonathan Jones

Dirty Britain
Wild Pictures / ITV 2013
Producer Jon Alwen

The Plane That Saved Britain
Blast Films / Ch4 2013
Director/ Producer Rob Coldstream

The Last Days Of Anne Boleyn
Oxford Film and Television / BBC2 2013
Director/ Producer Rob Coldstream

Queen Victorias Last Love
Blakeway Films / Ch4 2012
Prod/Director Robert Coldstream.

Cops & Coyotes ( Series)
Double Act Productions / Discovery US 2011
Series producer: Martin Thompson

King GeorgeV and Queen Mary
Blakeway / BBC2 2011
Prod/Dir : Robert Coldstream

What Makes A Masterpiece
Silver River / Ch4 2011
Prod/Dir: Robert Coldstream

Big & Small (Series 3)
Kindle Entertainment
Producer David Collier

The Elephant: Life After Death
Tigress Prods / Ch4 2011
Edit Producer: Robert Coldstream

Dusters (short film)
BankLane Films 2010
Dir: Christopher Baines

Alan Davies Teenage Revolution (Series)
Oxford Film & TV 2010
Series Prod: Robert Coldstream/Dir: David Jeffcock

Cutting Edge -The Men Who Jump Off Buildings
Double Act Productions /Ch4
Prod/Dir: Rob Davies 2010

Border Invasion USA (Series)

Double Act Productions /Sky1
Series prod: Martin Thompson 2010

Dispatches -The Conservatives/ Crash Gordon / Gordon Brown – Where Did It Go Wrong
Andrew Rawnsley political documentaries
Brook Lapping/Ch4
Dir: Mick Gold 2008/9/10

Edward VII King Of Pleasure
Blakeway / BBC 2010
Dir: Robert Coldstream

Miami SWAT (series)
Double Act Productions /Sky1
Prod Alastair Cooke/Dir: Rob Davies 2009

The Execution of Gary Glitter
Juniper / C4 2009
Dir: Robert Coldstream

China’s Capitalist Revolution
Blakeway/BBC 2009
Dir: Robert Coldstream

Julius Ceasar and The Druids
Change TV / C5
Prod Ben Goold Dir: Andrew Chater

Lady Randy – Churchills Mother
Blakeway / Ch4 2008
Dir: Robert Coldstream

Victorias Men
Dir: Robert Coldstream

The International Indian Film Awards 2007
Dir: Marcus Romer

The Brotherhood
Big Pictures / PBS 2007
Dir: Tony Stark

Dispatches – The Truth About Food
Silver River – Documentary 2007

Churchills Girl
Flame TV / Ch4 2006
Dir: Robert Coldstream

Execution of a Teenage Girl
Wild Pictures 2006
Dir: Monica Garnsey

Immigration is a Time Bomb
Juniper TV / Ch4 2005
Dir: Tony Stark

History of the Upper Classes
ITN Factual 2005
Dir: Robert Coldstream

BBC / Lodestar 2004 / 2005 /2006
Dir: Andrew Chater

Dispatches -The New Evangelists
Juniper / C4.
Prod/Dir: Tony Stark 2004

Dispatches -The Heist
Juniper/ C4
Prod/Dir: Tony Stark 2004

Bomber Crew
Ch4 / RDF Media 2004
Series Prod: Robert Coldstream

Diana’s Legacy
ITV1 / Blakeway 2004
Dir: Robert Coldstream

Pilate – The Man Who Killed Christ
Ch4 / October Films 2004
Dir: Andrew Chater

Ch4/ Juniper Productions 2004
Dir: Robert Coldstream

Greatest Military Clashes – (series)
Darlow Smithson / Discovery/ Ch5
Prod: Dee Lesley 2003

Bare Knuckle Boxer
C4/ Juniper Productions 2003
Dir: Robert Coldstream

The Real Thomas Becket
Ch4/ October Films 2003
Dir: Andrew Chater

The Queens Lost Uncle
C4/ Flame TV 2003
Dir: Robert Coldstream

American Voices
BBC/ Lodestar 2003
Dir: Andrew Chater

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
Ch4/ Wall to Wall 2002
Dir: Andrew Chater

Burnside 2001 – (Drama Series)
ITV / Pearson TV
Dir: Justin Hardy/ Bruce MacDonald/Ian White

Miller Shorts – (series)
BBC 1997
Series Prod: Anne Brogan/ Dir Justin Chadwick

English File-The Poetry of War/Love/Environment – (dramatised poetry series)
BBC 1997
Series Prod: Neil Ben

History of Medicine – (drama/ documentary series)
BBC Scotland 1997
Series Prod: Karen Johnson

Green Party political broadcast  – Skipraiders – ‘Another Day’. The track was picked up by DJ Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label and topped the dance charts in 2000 and was for many seen as the sound of the Millennium year.


Additional Childrens’ Television

Dinopaws – 52 episode CGI animation series

Telling Tales – animation series 2009 Glasshead/BBC

Who Are You – 2010 Glasshead / BBC Childrens

Jim Jam and Sunny – songs 2008 Wish Films / ITV Kids

Mega Mutt – Titles and incidentals 2008 Discovery Kids

Don’t Eat The Neighbours – songs and titles 2005 Granada

Sooty Series 49/50/51 – Songs and incidentals. 2003/2004 Gullane

Starship –Maths and English series 2003 BBC

Susanne – dramatised German language series – 1999 BBC / Goethe

D-Mag – German language series – 1998 BBC/Case TV

Megamaths –– titles, songs and incidentals for 3 series 1997 BBC

Hotch Potch House/-Mouse House – 11 x animations 1997 BBC

Numbertime – titles and songs on 4 series 1996/7/8 BBC

Mathsphere – titles and incidentals 1995 BBC

Hallo Aus Berlin – German language series 1995 BBC / Goethe

Quinze Minutes Plus – French language series 1995 BBC

Language files – 1996 AdamsTrainor/ BBC

Landmarks 1996 BBC Schools

Zig-Zag – 1997 BBC Schools


Production Library Albums

DeWolfe Music : Success and Achievement 1 & 2

World Travel – Themes for young travellers

Travel Europe – Traditional regional style themes

Christmas Jingle tracks

Spain and Portugal – Regional Themes


Site Specific Commisions:

Walk The Plank Events

2012 ‘The Moment When’ with Cheshire Dance for Cultural Olympiad

2010 ‘A Wave At Picasso’ with Tate Liverpool

2009 ‘Luminosity – Art On The Waterfront’ with Tate Liverpool

2009 ‘Stockton Bridge Official Opening


Pilot Theatre

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 2012

Romeo and Juliet 2010/11 (Soundtrack available in iTunes)

Looking for JJ 2007

Sing yer heart Out For The Lads 2006

Age Sex Location 2005

Sightsonic 2005

Lord of the Flies Tours 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2008 (Soundtrack available in iTunes)

Bloodtide 2003

Road 2002

Rumblefish 2000 (Soundtrack available in iTunes)

Out Of Their Heads 1997

Taken Without Consent 1996


Our job is to bring our creativity and musical imagination to the table to enable Directors and Producers to realise their vision. It can be simple, or it can be complex. The skill is knowing which to use.

Churchill’s Girl

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Brady & Hindley: Possession

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Edward VII Prince of Pleasure

Playboy? Wastrel?  Or a visionary modernizer and accomplished diplomat?  Edward VII – known as Bertie – was all of these, and more. Yet –...

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